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Despite what you’ve been told, you can truly be successful in the world by being WHO YOU ARE at every level.

20181005_112035Whether you are thinking about starting, or growing your business, enhancing or changing careers, I can help you to gain the clarity that gives you the confidence to tell the right story. Not a story that’s fabricated but the real story of who you are.

Once that’s clear I will help you discover your personal path of least resistance to wealth creation and personal fulfillment.

Imagine designing and creating your business or job in such a way that you continually expand your freedom in the areas of time, money, relationship and purpose?

If you don’t take charge of creating what you want – someone else will!

I can help you design a future based on your potential and what you do best. Together we will uncover your unique abilities, tap into the essence of your ideas and tell the story of how all of that translates into value for your potential customers.

Let’s explore that possibility together. To start the process, complete the short form below.


Partial List of Past and Present Clients…

  • Jardin [customer service and human potential systems design and development]
  • West Indian Traders [sales and management coaching]
  • Target Trading [sales training]
  • CWSL [sales and marketing design and systems development]
  • CCN [sales training]
  • Radio Vision Power 102FM [sales training]
  • Electronics House [customer service orientation – general staff]
  • Medical Associates [customer service training and systems development]
  • Gordon Grant Shipping [sales training]
  • Gordon Grant Insurance Ltd [sales training]
  • Bryn Mawr School [Teacher training – human potential development]
  • BP Reservoir Development Coaches [coach training]
  • Agostini Insurance Brokers [sales training and marketing systems design and development]
  • Maritime Insurance [sales training]
  • Sanofi [marketing support and training]
  • DocuCentre [marketing support and case study design and creation]
  • Fraites Caribbean [sales and marketing support]
  • Microsoft [website copywriting and speech writing]
  • Infotech [website copywriting]
  • Habitat for Humanity [Guest speaker – human potential development]
  • Providence Girls High School [Guest speaker – human potential development]
  • The Rotary Club of Maraval [human potential development]
  • Bishop Anstey High School Business Studies Unit [Guest speaker – human potential development]
  • YWEEP Symposium [Guest speaker – human potential development]
  • The Public Relations Association of Trinidad and Tobago [ Guest speaker -human potential development]
  • Print on Demand Limited [sales training]
  • Bishop Anstey High School & Trinity College East [Teacher training – human potential development]
  • Pink Diamond Society Tobago [Guest speaker – human potential development]
  • Cable and Wireless [sales system design]
  • Enkindle Limited [human potential systems design]
  • The Hotel Normandie [marketing support]
  • Horizons Framing [marketing support]
  • Growing Leaders Organization [Guest speaker – human potential development]
  • Ace Trading [sales training]