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Are you getting ALL the sales you could be getting?


If you look at your business honestly – I mean really honestly – Would you say that you’re getting all the sales you could be getting?

I’d love to talk with you about what you’ve been doing, what’s working, and where you might still be experiencing challenges.


Click this link to book a free marketing message review and strategy session with me

During the strategy session we’ll spend 60 minutes together.

  1. First, I’ll help you get clear on what’s at stake right now for you in your business in this “new normal”
  2. Next, I’d like to spend some time discussing the challenges that you’re facing right now
  3. Third, I’d love to give you a simple system that would make your client and revenue growth inevitable going forward and provide you with a customized plan and path to accomplish your goals.
  4. And finally I will share with you the simple 3 tool combination that you will need to get more clients consistently
Regardless of  the level of disruption or whatever you’re experiencing nothing changes the fact that you NEED MORE CLIENT BUSINESS and MORE CLIENTS NOW!

So go ahead and book a strategy session with me,which is totally free. Please email me [giselle (at) gisellehudson (dot) com ] any pictures or actual files of any marketing communications that you’ve used in the past BEFORE we actually jump on the phone to chat.

Partial List of Past and Present Clients…

  • Jardin [customer service and human potential systems design and development]
  • West Indian Traders [sales and management coaching]
  • Target Trading [sales training]
  • CWSL [sales and marketing design and systems development]
  • CCN [sales training]
  • Radio Vision Power 102FM [sales training]
  • Electronics House [customer service orientation – general staff]
  • Medical Associates [customer service training and systems development]
  • Gordon Grant Shipping [sales training]
  • Gordon Grant Insurance Ltd [sales training]
  • Bryn Mawr School [Teacher training – human potential development]
  • BP Reservoir Development Coaches [coach training]
  • Agostini Insurance Brokers [sales training and marketing systems design and development]
  • Maritime Insurance [sales training]
  • Sanofi [marketing support and training]
  • DocuCentre [marketing support and case study design and creation]
  • Fraites Caribbean [sales and marketing support]
  • Microsoft [website copywriting and speech writing]
  • Infotech [website copywriting]
  • Habitat for Humanity [Guest speaker – human potential development]
  • Providence Girls High School [Guest speaker – human potential development]
  • The Rotary Club of Maraval [human potential development]
  • Bishop Anstey High School Business Studies Unit [Guest speaker – human potential development]
  • YWEEP Symposium [Guest speaker – human potential development]
  • The Public Relations Association of Trinidad and Tobago [ Guest speaker -human potential development]
  • Print on Demand Limited [sales training]
  • Bishop Anstey High School & Trinity College East [Teacher training – human potential development]
  • Pink Diamond Society Tobago [Guest speaker – human potential development]
  • Cable and Wireless [sales system design]
  • Enkindle Limited [human potential systems design]
  • The Hotel Normandie [marketing support]
  • Horizons Framing [marketing support]
  • Growing Leaders Organization [Guest speaker – human potential development]
  • Ace Trading [sales training]