Work With Me to Build a Resilient Service Business  with Personal Guidance, Accountability and Support

judyWhen Giselle first articulated what she did, I was left clueless and unimpressed.

In a follow up meeting, it became clearer what she did and resulted in my contracting her to do some work for my company Meredith McSween International [MMI].

Giselle demonstrated an exceptional ability to translate concepts into story lines that touched the target audience where it mattered most. She has an eye that allows her to focus in on thoughts that preceded the actual concept and look beyond the idea conceived. She is able to formulate the complete marketing packaging for product, service and person. I jokingly refer to her as my antecedent, and I am increasingly realizing that in her own right she is a visionary. I strongly recommend Giselle to entrepreneurs who want to go beyond the traditional, to make possibilities profitable realities – Judy Joseph Mc Sween, Time Out Specialist

Who do I work with?

I work with professional service based business owners and entrepreneurs, thought leaders, coaches and consultants.

You’re a potential candidate for my help if one or more of the following holds true for you:
  • Your business is stuck – that is, it has failed to grow predictably every year, every quarter and every day. In better times you may not have realized that you were stuck but once the tide is out, you may realize that you’ve been swimming naked!
  • You are stuck. You are stressed and frustrated. Days go by and not much happens. You spend an enormous amount of time grappling with money, cash-flow, meeting payroll, paying your renting, paying your loans. It feels as if you are hanging from a cliff by your fingernails! Your desire is to work on ‘upside-leverageable’ activities but you aren’t sure what the most intelligent steps to take might be.
  • You have ideas but you aren’t sure HOW to execute those ideas
  • You have ideas however daily crises keep demanding your attention and you can’t seem to make time to focus on strategic projects that could take you up a level.
  • Your profits have tried up, your marketing isn’t working, your margins are dropping and you can’t seem to convert potential customers into actively buying clients.
How can I help you specifically?

I see talent wasting. I see exceedingly talented professionals, struggling to make ends meet, to communicate what they do best, to attract customers consistently and to manage the people they employ to help them make their dream a reality.

I help you to rediscover and tell a better story about your value, who you really are, and establish a customized system that shines your light and allows your best clients to see you.

If you want to cut to the chase and have a conversation with me about where you are today and what’s possible for you then send me an email giselle (at) gisellehudson (dot) come. Provide a little background around your situation, your phone number, and the best time to call you.


andreI had the unique opportunity to chat with Giselle in one of her free strategy sessions and must testify that she certainly has a gifted mind and a passion for what she does.

She helps you look at the bigger picture; helps to clarify your goals and provide direction when things are a bit fuzzy and unclear. When you sit with her and engage in conversation…you’ll see what I mean!Andre Persad, Proud Maritime Leadership and Safety Advocate, United Arab Emirates 

Partial List of Past and Present Clients…

  • West Indian Traders [Sales and management strategy & coaching ]
  • Target Trading [Strategy & business development]
  • CWSL [Sales and marketing strategy & systems design]
  • CCN [Strategic guidance]
  • Radio Vision Power 102FM [Strategic guidance]
  • Gordon Grant Shipping [Strategic guidance]
  • Gordon Grant Insurance Ltd [Strategic guidance]
  • Agostini Insurance Brokers [Strategic & marketing guidance]
  • Enkindle Limited [Strategic guidance]
  • The Plant People [Strategic guidance]