get found

Your business won’t survive

without effective DAILY marketing

If you want your marketing to work FOR instead of against you, you need to have the following 3 components in place:

  1. GET YOU – Leadership expert Dan Rockwell says that phonies aren’t successful. They might appear successful, but fulfillment requires whole heartedness. Your best self doesn’t wear a mask. You never get where you want to go when you leave yourself behind. Click here to learn more about YOU.
  2. GET CLEAR – You want to be a successful solo professional, non-profit leader, entrepreneur or small business owner, providing services that you can be proud of, while turning a consistent, dependable profit. Except trying to earn more is overwhelming. Clear marketing is the answer. Click here to get your customized marketing clarity report today!
  3. GET FOUND. Your business won’t survive without effective, DAILY marketing. 

The best sales tactics in the world will fail if your potential customers don’t know that your business exists.

How can I help you “GET FOUND”?

Does your sales approach make sense?

In order to thrive, you need to sell however you face a major challenge:

The amount of product and service information available to B2B customers has become overwhelming. So much accurate and trustworthy information exists online that B2B customers dedicate only 17% of their purchasing process to talking with potential suppliers. They spend most of their time conducting independent research.

The trove of easily accessible information (blogs, podcasts, email marketing, word of mouth recommendation) has proved valuable, but it has complicated the purchase process. Too much information exists for buyers to make sense of it on their own. How do you get you or your team to turn this conundrum into a prime selling opportunity?

To answer this question, I created the Sensemaking for Sales workshop.

The fastest, least expensive method for generating sustainable income

  • Learn how to optimize your limited customer contact to make the conversations you do have more useful and successful.
  • Win the right to more access by setting you apart from competing reps and alternative sources of information.
  • Help customers prioritize perspectives, quantify trade-offs, and deconflict competing viewpoints.
  • Help customers create a framework within which to make their own decisions.
  • Help customers make sense of the information they’ve encountered to make confident purchase decisions.

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How to stop hiring the wrong kind of sales people

Once your ideal client finds you, you want to ensure that your team is made up of the kind of talent that will help you accelerate your growth. You don’t want all your marketing hard work to be in vain by having a sales team of underperformers. I will show you how to recruit and keep top performers. Click here to find out how.

What happens when you ignore marketing in your business?

If you ever wondered why some businesses thrive, while others stagnate, the answer could be found in one of the ten key factors you will encounter when you take the quiz, which is not just a quiz, but a compass towards creating sustainable income.

The Marketing Clarity Report was created to help you assess and discover which of these ten key factors might be holding your business back, so you can then create a marketing action plan and identify appropriate marketing solutions to boost your business and profits. Get yours here.

How to stop waking up every Monday morning wondering what to post!

Content creation and production CANNOT be an afterthought! Waking up every Monday morning and then deciding what to write about on your blog, or what to post on social media is not a content strategy.

Content is an essential element in fact, content is the voice of strategy.

Taking a strategic view of content means you must understand the body of work you need to create over time to turn your content efforts into an asset that will serve your business long-term. Which is why I created the Expertise Platform Workshop. In it I cover how to leverage your expertise through content creation and production.

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