Ways We Can Work Together

Speaking / Live Training – Formats and theme

60-90 minute keynotes or breakout sessions; half-day, day-long, or two-day working sessions (includes workbooks)

  1. If You Focus on Your Process, the Result will Take Care of Itself
  2. You have all the Disadvantages Required for Success

One on One Coaching

Coaching includes regularly scheduled phone or Skype consultations, your Process Workbook and reviews of completed exercise material.

Consulting for Sales Teams

If your team becomes mentally lazy and foolishly take for granted that their skills are always sharp and readily available, they are unprepared. It doesn’t matter how strong they are, or how much stamina they have. If you assume that they don’t need any mental preparation to get the sales numbers you know are possible, both you and they will pay a price!

If I were your competitor I would go after your small to middle size customers that you are taking for granted. The customers who pay their bills on time. The customers you don’t tell how much you appreciate. The customers that you THINK you have sewed up. I would give them the attention and appreciation you never gave them. I would send them the cards, gifts and samples that you never thought were important. I would know everything about them.

One Year Strategic Coaching & Consulting

Includes one strategic coaching sessions + one group working session, every 90 days [4 x for the year] + workbooks for each participant

 Email or call me for more information on the benefits, structure and investment options.