What can you do when your marketing and sales efforts fail consistently?

Your bank balance is at an all time low. You wake up knowing that you HAVE to make something happen TODAY! Your mad scramble begins to generate money.

Some days your hustle works. Some days it doesn’t.

Our natural response to anything that doesn’t seem to be working is to try harder, push more, put more effort into it. Or we assume that what we’re doing is wrong and so we anxiously scour the terrain for a quick fix or immediate solution.

In a nutshell – here’s what you need to know: If you can get your message, market, and media right, you’ll be on your way to marketing dominance.

To get there you need to ask yourself the following:

What is the problem I’m solving and for whom?

  • Is it a problem others know they have?
  • Is it a problem they want solved?
  • Is it a problem for which they will happily exchange money for a solution?

How best to package and position the solutions I offer?

Why am I the one they should get it from?

Once you are clear on these questions then you need to figure out how you will get found. You have covered getting clear, and understanding your offering. So now you need to ask:

  • How will my ideal clients find out about me?
  • How do I build trust and credibility in a systematic way?
  • How do I attract the right people to what I have?

And finally you need to consider: How do I take the need to sell what I have off the table so that people just show up wanting what I am offering?

This is the foundation you need to build a successful business. As you can imagine, missing this part will result in more of the helter skelter, roller coaster journey you’ve probably been experiencing.

The solution is to lead with strategy, lay the foundation, then build your business.

Can you create something better from the pain you’ve experienced?

I am fond of saying “look to nature…you can learn a lot!”

Nature sees value in everything that exists. Nothing is to be wasted.

Pain and suffering don’t go to waste once you can learn. You have new found wisdom that will serve you regardless of your journey.

Everything that you attempt to deny or discard has value. This can be repurposed into the you that transforms moment by moment.

Sometimes we may think that another has caused us pain but more than likely we ourselves contribute to our pain-filled lives doing damage to ourselves in the self-sabotaging ways we think and behave.

When we are through reaping the benefits of our examination, we must release the pain and promise ourselves not to revisit.

No pain is in vain, no experience wasted.

You have the power to create something far better.

hold on tightly to your dreams – they are your dreams for a reason

When I first read Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, the world was infinitely quieter. There was no social media and not everyone had access to or could bear staying “on” line long because of the speed.

Still the percentages stay roughly the same between those who succeed on their terms and those who don’t.

Sure we are the masters of our fate, the captains of our soul yet all too often we allow the din on the outside to drown out the voice on the inside providing daily guidance as to where we should go and what we should do.

In the end we follow dreams given to us by those who assume the size and scope of what we can and cannot achieve.

  • We pursue to please.
  • We pursue to gain approval.
  • We pursue to fit in and be part of a crowd that really don’t even know themselves, let alone know who we are and what’s best for us. But we allow it anyway.

There are many suggested reasons for this.

Some say we prefer to play victim. Others say the rich get richer and the poor, poorer. Others say it depends on the colour of our skin. And then there are those who believe that there are a one percentile group in Trinidad and Tobago with everything.

Whatever the reason, I feel that we grasp more tightly to the reasons why we can’t instead of taking hold of our dreams with both hands and going for it.

Your dreams are your dreams for a reason so don’t expect anyone else to understand. They will NEVER understand why you want what you want or want to do what you say you want to do. So if you’re looking for buy-in, STOP!

Regardless of what we are doing now, whether we are in a job, or business of our own creation, we need to keep in mind the following stats.

These numbers are the most important sales statistics you will ever read and they can have a huge impact on your business…

  • 48% of sales people never follow up with a customer
  • 25% make a second contact and stop
  • 12% only make three contacts and stop
  • 10% make more than three contacts

With those numbers in mind… here’s how you can double or triple your results… make at least 12 contacts before you give up. Here’s why.

  • 2% of sales are made on the first contact
  • 3% are made on the second contact
  • 5% are made on the third contact
  • 10% are made on the fourth contact
  • 80% are made on the 5th to 12th contact

Make the connection.

Hold on to your dreams and with pig-headed discipline and determination do what you need to do to get it. Don’t give up on your dreams. Don’t give up on you. Persist and watch your dreams come true!

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Why discipline is not sustainable, and habits are your friend

Are you getting your to-do’s done?

Or are you mired in minutiae?

Do you have a growing secondary list where things never seem to come off it, and more is being added on?

We think we need discipline to stick with programs, lose weight etc.

But we need habit.

A habit is wired into your brain when you repeat certain actions daily like:

  • Walking
  • Reading
  • Calling on 10 potential customers

A habit is installed in your regular routine

Jason Leister

Mike Litman said – People form habits and habits form futures.

What habits do you need to install to move things forward in your life?

what is the most important sale that you need to make daily?

The ducks are all lined up:

  • You have your process clearly defined
  • You know who you’re targeting
  • You have your list
  • Your sales presentation slides are complete
  • You have created and packaged a “taste” of what you do
  • You finally a comfortable with your pricing structure
  • You know what you want your yearly income to be

Like I said – ALL the ducks are lined up.

So why aren’t you promoting and selling yourself daily?

That’s because you are neglecting to sell you on you FIRST before attempting to share with anyone else.

You need to sell you on:

  • Your capabilities
  • Prowess
  • Talents
  • Skills
  • You need to believe that you are well and able.

Repeat affirmations daily. Revisit the benefits of “why” you’re doing what you’re doing.

Sell you on you daily.

You’ll feel better and pretty soon, believe better for yourself and your family.

Try this on:

  1. Being me is my greatest asset, raising the vibrational flow of everything I do and say.
  2. My success is a choice powered by my passion, beliefs and commitment.
  3. I have the confidence and knowledge to take action.

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Do you feel more comfortable having a Plan B when setting business or financial goals?

“When you’re living your Plan B, success is someone else’s success. You’re living inherently based on someone else’s expectation of you.” @payalkadakia 

It seems like a good idea to have options, but many times on the entrepreneurial journey, energy is limited.

If you try to do too many things at the same time, you will not make progress as you would if you were single minded in purpose and focus on ONE THING.

Plan the best course of action and watch it play out.

My friend Bob Oros shared this story in his course – Increase your Gross Profit on Every Sale:

A sales manager I worked for insisted that I call on a certain account every week even though it seemed hopeless to ever sell them. On the very first call the customer tore my business card up in little pieces. The customer had a problem with a previous sales person. The sales person had left the company with a grudge and had left several things undone. This particular customer had several special orders for a banquet.

The day the product was due for delivery the customer found out that the sales person had quit and never turned in the order.

However, I followed orders and finally, after 37 weeks of calls, he gave in and bought something from me.

If it had been up to me I never would have done it, however, the boss followed up and asked me every week if I made the call.

Have the necessary persistence to overcome their resistance and plan to outlast the competition. You have the knowledge of knowing you can turn them into a customer as long as you stay with it.

How badly do you want your Plan A? Do you have persistence?

Take the test to see how much persistence you have. Ask yourself
this one question – what is your biggest accomplishment and how long did it take to accomplish it? If you have a major accomplishment that took you over THREE YEARS – welcome to the club

Are you letting sideshows distract and discourage you from your major goals?

Think about a goal that remains elusive.

From as far back as you can remember, you’ve wanted to achieve this.

You read about others like you, with similar talents, earning and living your desired life and the lifestyle that came with that.

When you think about this goal, this target you set for yourself, no doubt you feel excited. And then what happens? Yup, you go out into your day and allow all the actors, actresses and situations into your dream reality and before you know it, you are no longer pursuing your own dream but you’re at a standstill watching someone else’s life. Being drawn in by their drama. Their reactions. Their problems. Their thoughts.

Time marches on.

It’s another day.

You remember your dream, your goal, your destination.

The fire isn’t out in your belly yet…the embers are still warm. Once stoked you can be ablaze again…but not if you keep turning your focus away from kindling your own fire.

You’ve heard it before – focus is key. One goal, returned to daily, making iterations, adjusting, resetting slightly, inching closer, day by day. Being fierce about what you let in. You guard your energy because you know that any leak is detrimental to your cause.

This is what you want isn’t it?

Sometimes we set a goal and think it’s about that goal. But it’s not. It’s about what we feel we will attain when we achieve that goal.

  • Respect.
  • Inclusion.
  • Love.
  • Feeling worthy.
  • Feeling like we belong.

We don’t need to achieve the goal to get that, we can begin by giving ourselves all that we chase after.

Don’t ignore your needs. Don’t crowd yourself out and drown in the activities that are not yours to be active in – other people’s lives, worries, drama.

Do the work necessary to be the person you know you are. That feeling inside, that irritates you and makes you annoyed…that is your soul…pleading with you saying “Let’s Go! It’s time to go. It’s time for us to go after and get what is rightfully ours.”

Blinders on now…what do you truly desire? GO FOR IT!

As a business owner do you need support to grow when things fall apart?

We see that one person in the forefront – the owner, the developer, the creator and we think – they’ve created success by themselves…but if we look closely: no one makes it on their own.

You NEED like-minded people who will keep you from feeling alone and isolated.

You NEED people to help you grow when eviction looms, work is slow coming in, projects overwhelm and health issues surface.

These people become your support and as Dr. Marcia Reynolds says – they are your “positive conspiracy for change”.

We tend to as solopreneurs and small business owners, hold our problems close to the chest.

We are ashamed and embarrassed because we feel that we should execute perfectly every single time.

There are people out there who will NEVER understand the workings of the entrepreneurial brain. Especially those closest to you who find that perhaps the dream is taking too long to be brought to fruition. We ourselves get fed-up, if we were brutally honest, of our own ineptitude in many areas. It’s a roller-coaster, rocking rolling, zigging zagging journey and sometimes we can feel tired and overwhelmed. Sometimes we will want to quit.

It is in that moment that you must do yourself a favor and reach out to someone, listen to a podcast, read something inspirational, search for encouragement on YouTube, or phone a friend.

Get your fix; get filled up and get going again!

Best natural wig ever – does not look or feel wiggy

I’m not interested in the product but I was captivated by the presentation. Take a look here.

It was so relatable, engaging and providing answers to questions that you already had in your head.

  • Will it look like a wig?
  • Can I wash it?
  • Does it come in different colours?
  • How functional is it – can I put it in different styles?

The presentation was as natural as the wig claims to be and at the end, if I was interested in the product I was ready to buy.

The customer journey is a series of behaviours that starts with them wanting to know if they could like you and trust you enough to take their hard earned money and buy from you.

Baby Naps Custom Twisted Wigs covered all those bases in one single presentation.

Always think in terms of your customers.

  1. What information would they need to support the journey towards buying from you?
  2. What questions are already in their heads that you need to answer?

Is your fallback plan a blessing or a curse?

I was chatting with a friend today. She was asking me about the process when selecting a coach. She was sharing her observations about what she was seeing out there on the market and asked a couple questions about the coaches in my life.

In sports, athletes invest a lot in coaches. They have competitions coming up that they must win, titles they must cop, trophies they collect. Their game is an important one.

In the game of life however the pressure isn’t on us to perform.

Countless coaches provide guidance and direction, roadmaps and tactics, checklists and scripts, yet many of us don’t take action.

Our mental game perhaps shoulders the most blame for why we don’t take massive action.

We are not ready, or confident enough. We don’t feel adequate, or prepared. We don’t have enough information, need more experience, need to start next week for sure. We are not really giving our coaches a lump sum investment. We are paying them by the session and hoping for magic.

The magic is in the doing and discovering.

Whenever I am in this space, reflecting on my own life and progress I am reminded of  Cortés and his story that Robert Greene shares in the 33 Strategies of War:

  1. Sometimes you need to run your ships aground, burn them, and leave yourself just one option: succeed or go down. Make the burning of your ships as real as possible; get rid of your safety net. Sometimes you have to become a little desperate to get anywhere.
  2. Because you think you have options, you never involve yourself deeply enough in one thing to do it thoroughly, and you never quite get what you want.
  3. Locate the root of your problem. It is not the people around you; it is yourself, and the spirit with which you face the world.
  4. In the back of your mind, you keep an escape route, a crutch, something to turn to if things go bad. Maybe it is some wealthy relative you can count on to buy your way out; maybe it is some grand opportunity on the horizon, the endless vistas of time that seem to be before you; maybe it is a familiar job or a comfortable relationship that is always there if you fail.
  5. Just as Cortés’s men saw their ships as insurance, you may see this fallback as a blessing, but in fact it is a curse.

The 33 Strategies Of War – Robert Greene

Maybe just maybe, it’s time to burn those ships.

Let’s see what you got inside. Give yourself the gift of seeing what’s possible for you when you have no other choice but to work the plan you’ve got.

I say this to myself.

I say it to you.

Burn your ships!