What are you Grateful for Today?


Today I am grateful for the opportunity to share my thoughts and ideas around entrepreneurship, the Brand called YOU, becoming a well-paid professional, and earning what you are worth through the Business Newsday.

I have been writing for the Business Newsday since 2015 and am happy that Rory Rostant took a leap of faith and gave me this wonderful opportunity and platform to share what’s going on in my head with the people of Trinidad and Tobago. Thank you!

I’m also grateful that the paper has given me some real estate on line. You can check out a couple of my previous columns here – https://newsday.co.tt/reporter/giselleh/

Do You Know Your True Worth?

charge what you're worth

This statement – Charge what you’re worth seems straightforward and simple. Except often we don’t really know what we’re worth!

And why is that?

You see most times we don’t consider what comes naturally to us as valuable. We dismiss our innate talents and often wrongly assume that since it is so simple or easy for us to execute that EVERYBODY could do it.

I have noticed that SELF-WORTH is at the core of why most entrepreneurial activity is unsustainable.

We experience short-term gains but over time we often end up in pain, disruption and an inevitable crash and burn.


However for many professionals that’s just not the reality.

Instead we live in a world where “success” has increasingly been decoupled from income.

I’ve met far too many professionals who are excellent at what they do yet struggle to earn what they are worth!

I want to see more talented people in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean sharing their expertise and ideas but that won’t be possible until they are able to create lasting, successful businesses and careers for themselves – and that won’t happen if they don’t have a complete picture of what they’re bringing to the table and continue to undercharge for their services

Find out how you can finally be seen as the expert that you are and earn what you’re worth – https://bit.ly/2Mdy5vr

Today is D-Day!

to be humble

Donald Trump will not be impeached.

We are relying on facts, logic, principles, right and wrong. Unfortunately this is not at the seat of decision-making…after all…if that were the case…he would NOT be in office.

My thoughts this morning as I listen to MSNBC journalists interview senators to gauge how the vote will go.

If I’m wrong…I’ll be happy but breakdown precedes breakthrough and I just feel there’s more to come.

We’ll know soon enough…

Hopefully we can learn from and apply this learning to how we choose and what is in fact important when we choose leaders..Or how we show up when we are tasked to lead…and I’m not talking politics. 


Practice Asking: “What if…?”

I used to think…w

what ifI used to think when I was much younger that I was lucky. I also remember having big, bold, audacious dreams. Then…as time passed…my dream circle shrank in size. I became afraid to let my mind expand. I cut off the blood supply to my imagination and entered a room with fifty shades of grey minus the excitement.

This comfort zone is not tiny. It’s filled with fear of judgment…fear of doing it wrong…fear that the idea I’m excited about is dumb…and on and on.

However it’s a new day…and I have decided that I intend to be the kind of person who chases wild dreams…who honors the gift of my ideas…who sets others free by the pain and imperfection of my own life.

I will not live another day in fear of failing and I won’t die an unlived life! The more I truly live…is the more open I will become.

The first step in telling a better story is to ask “What if?”

Today is the day I’m setting myself free and giving birth to my true self! –

Let Down that Heavy Load

remembering hurt

As I pry my fingers off of all the hurt I’ve been carrying…some from perhaps when I was maybe two or three…the actual chain of events…vague…but the pain…raw and real…I’m thinking that we can only let go when we learn.

I’m not suggesting painstakingly rehashing events. What I am suggesting is that we let our pain speak to us and define for us…what is that need not being fulfilled. When we don’t fill ourselves with what we need…love…recognition…a need to belong…we fill ourselves up with food…overindulgence…distractions…including being busy all the time…yet we are never satisfied.

This learning never comes in the form of weekly scheduled lessons. It can happen in an instant.

Stay with the pain. Cry. Laugh. Be curious. You will know what is true for you. And when you touch that truth kernel you will feel the relief of bobbing to the surface and taking a long breath…because you have been underwater for so long.

And in that instant you will know…life as you know it won’t be the same again.

Not speaking from the balcony…but in the trenches. Today I choose joy once again and i thank yesterday’s pain for the light it brought to my life. Thank you 💜

How do you Heal?

all natural remedies

Often we need to take a step back before moving forward.

Most of all we need to listen to what our soul is trying to tell us.

Crying clears everything up for me…it washes away my pain…and moves all mental debris clogging up my ability to see.

I need space often to think and create.

I need to talk it out just to hear myself and my thoughts out loud.

What’s frightening now is a new adventure that I am conceiving. I’m comfortable with the way I’ve always done things yet my soul says it’s time for a step change – a significant change in my life.

Fear wants to immobilize…ego is colluding…but this dragon will no longer remain tethered to the dismantling remains of a life that no longer works.

December…oh December…this new decade is almost upon us! Carpe diem the living daylights of time left here on earth.

I want to see your talents and gifts being shared…I want to share my own.

This difference we seek…starts with us.

It’s time…BEGIN!

What Stories are you Telling about your Life?

this was once a seed

What story seeds are you planting? We are all telling a story about our health, our finances, our relationships…What story will you tell?

Will it be one that is heroic and empowering?

You can be honest about all that you have experienced and done, yet still write a story that will help you feel that you are strong, wise, and learning.

It’s time to leave old stories behind. It’s time for new storytelling. Consider all you have learned, give yourself credit for the wisdom you have acquired, and begin replacing any stories of scarcity…with abundance

Laughter is Necessary

carbonated holiness

When was the last time you had a good laugh? You know the one where your belly hurts…tears are streaming down your cheeks…and you’re yelling “Staaaaaap!!!”

Adulting can be so serious at times yet laughter really is medicinal.

Anne Lamotte had an interesting way with words.

Carbonated holiness.

All emotions are important. Laughter is important. A lightness of being. A necessity. To ease tension and alleviate stress.

And please…laugh at yourself. Not just your jokes. Laugh at your quirks…what makes you YOU

What it is to be Human…

be kind

Judge not. Assume nothing. We don’t really know what is going on about any situation in someone’s life. On top of which sometimes that person is already giving themselves a hard time.

I am finally learning and understanding to be gentle with me. Lord knows how often I feel negative and act on those negative emotions. There are times when I’ve been judgmental and unkind.

I thought that I had failed…was a failure. I was saying “how could I?” …to the backdrop of the external chorus “how could you?”

I’m learning it’s not a failure…it’s called being human. No one is above that vulnerability… yet if you think you are…go ahead and cast the first stone.

The Travesty: To KNOW and not to DO

what i begin reading

We feel good when we have knowledge under our belt. We believe in the inspiring and thought provoking memes we share. But are we intentionally practicing or do we think we know?

Years ago, I heard a guest speaker at an event say: to know and not to do, is not to know.

This phrase stuck in my head.

Take action. Act on what you know. Examine the memes you post and ask: where am I already practicing this in my life?

Our brains feel satisfied once we say we are going to do something. It’s like that’s enough. We can walk through an entire process in our heads and feel tired at the end.

Let’s defy inertia. Let’s overcome complacency.

Let us act NOW!