I can learn only by

trial and error

Is your website your best salesperson?

Learn how to leverage the power of your website by:

  • Getting out of the content friend zone with potential clients
  • Building real connection with potential clients
  • Using your website to capture leads
  • Using your email list to turn potential clients into customers

Give yourself the gift of discovering why you sometimes don’t always achieve your goals

Trouble at the Border is a phenomenon that happens whenever we take steps to implement an idea or project. Trouble at the Border is at the interface between metaphysical and physical reality. This is where the inspiration of our ideas meets with a solid push-back from the physical world. We begin to discover that it’s going to take more energy than we thought to do what we wanted.

Recognize that you will often hit Trouble at the Border whenever you initiate a project, no matter how much you were inspired by it in the past. Take a look at the video below to discover what it REALLY takes to turn your dreams into reality.

Explore the story that drives you and discover the insight you need to live well.

If you’re not performing at your best, it chips away at your confidence. 

Imagine building your life around doing what you love to do and do best, and being increasingly rewarded by the world for doing so? Your Unique Ability is the essence of you at your best. This combination of passion and talent is so innate that you may not even realize how special it is, yet it’s how you create the most value for others, and enjoyment and energy for yourself in all areas of life. Focusing on it is the key to realizing your own brand of genius and your greatest success in life yet often you’re plagued by self doubt and feeling like an impostor. 

MCODE sheds light on your intrinsic motivations, allowing you to understand why you do things in the way that you do, which builds self-confidence—and, in turn, a bigger future for you in your solo business. Curious about what this is all about? Let’s chat.


Explore the stories that drive members on your team .

This video is for entrepreneurs and business owners with one or more employees.

Successful entrepreneurs/business owners remain focused totally on their Unique Ability or intrinsic motivations, and delegate everything else.

These owners delegate work to others who possess a Unique Ability in those areas.

There are people sitting around you today whose Unique Abilities differ from yours. Tasks that drain your energy, fill the bucket for them.

As the only certified MCODE ™ practitioner in the Caribbean, I will provide you with the guidance and coaching using this powerful process for aligning gifts with the strengths and needs of your team so that you could start delivering superior results.


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