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It’s Time to Chart a New Course

No matter how many years have been stolen from you by your own ignorance, by cruel fate, or by the acts of others, you have a clean, broad slate before you – MARTHA BECK

Is Your Website Your Best Salesperson?

Learn how to leverage the power of your website by:

  • Getting out of the content friend zone with potential clients
  • Building real connection with potential clients
  • Using your website to capture leads
  • Using your email list to turn potential clients into customers

In this free presentation you will learn:

the 3 most common mistakes people make when marketing with content.

how your website can be your best salesperson if you give it the right tools.

how selling to a warmed-up email list is far more effective than selling to cold leads.

how to promote your content through the right channels and the right people. 

how to nurture your subscribers and nudge them toward becoming a customer

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Giselle Hudson makes a living teaching consultants, practitioners, solo professionals, service based business owners & entrepreneurs how to turn their story into a message that impacts and results in them being well paid.

To be well paid means not only to be compensated generously for your solutions but to live a “well” life – a life of structure, harmony, joy and fulfillment.