Workshops for self-employed professionals and entrepreneurs:

Being successful in business by being YOU requires you to start looking at EVERY part of who you are, not just the technical and skill requirements related to the work that you choose to do. It’s simple, but not easy.

Working Sessions for career professionals:

Each person comes into the world with a predisposition to a natural style and natural pattern of motivation and success comes more quickly if they find jobs or careers that allow them to exercise this pattern of behaviour.

Working sessions for HR Practitioners and Small Business Owners

Even the smartest business strategy will struggle to succeed without an engaged workforce.

Keynote Speaking

Giselle’s keynotes get rave reviews. People comment all the time about her down to earth, reachable style. She teaches with humor, empathy and an absolute understanding about human nature. She inspires and encourages and always leaves behind a simple, actionable plan to ensure that participants not just listen and understand but take the necessary actions to begin to see results in their lives. they both inspire and teach. She engages the audience to think differently and act courageously.  Choose a topic here and contact us to talk about how we can customize the content for your audience.