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When people spend an inordinate amount of time doing work for which they are not motivated, we frequently see that the work they are motivated to do suffers or that they work so hard at trying to do both that there health suffers.

Your Motivated Abilities Profile or MAP shows your natural style and natural pattern of motivation.

If you think about your career, you are aware that you bring a set of talents and skills best suited to your job. What you may not be aware of is that you have a natural style and pattern of motivation unique to you.

Maybe you’re a gregarious, outgoing person who builds deep empathetic relationships with others. Perhaps you are a quiet, introverted person with deep technical or artistic skills who can analyze data or solve problems in a unique way. Or maybe you’re a charismatic and natural team builder or leader.

Even as you grow, these core behaviours remain. Success comes more quickly when you find jobs or careers that allow you to exercise your unique pattern of behaviour.

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