Keynote Speaking

1. How to Maximize Your Earning Potential – for anyone involved in sales.

2. Turn What You Know Into Cash Flow – this talk is appropriate for Retirees, for those who’ve been retrenched or laid off, for those who are considering a second career or developing additional income streams

3. Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go – for team leaders, line and department managers on how to have critical career conversations that are uncomfortable and too often avoided

4. The “Awaken the Genius” Series is developed on this prevailing theme: 

Does your child, or student have the potential to develop into anything they choose – for example – a Math or Language wiz, a world-class athlete, an exceptional, innovative intrapreneur, a virtuoso musician, or a brilliant Nobel-winning scientist?

It would be folly to suggest that anyone can literally do or become anything. But the new science tells us that it’s equally foolish to think that mediocrity is built into most of us, or that any of us can know our true limits without first understanding WHO THEY ARE and what they’re bringing to the table. Bestselling author of Thick Face, Black Heart, Ching Ning Chu says “At first blush, the idea that you could not know yourself sounds ridiculous. But the odds are you don’t. We aren’t talking about the superficial stuff like the way you wear your hair or your taste in music. The “REAL YOU” means the indelible, highly personal pattern of innate giftedness and motivation called your Motivated Abilities Pattern and has NOTHING to do with anything you’ve learned. You were born with it and it makes you tick, determining your successes and failures.

  • How to Awaken the Genius in your Kids – for parents
  • How to Awaken the Genius in your Students – for school teachers

5. Wine Drinking for Inspired Thinking – for anyone interested in thinking more creatively. Developed by international best selling author Michael J. Gelb. [For those who don’t drink alcohol, I use tea or chocolates].