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Small Business Evolution

a Caribbean community

The Small Business Evolution Community is a terrific place to connect, communicate, and collaborate with fellow small business owners in the Caribbean.

I believe community is defined by its people and their shared values and principles. Our Caribbean community is great because of our people.

This project is a collection of stories of small businesses [solopreneurs, non profit leaders and small business owners told in their own words, about creating success on their terms, one business at a time.

My mission is to:

  1. Inspire the entrepreneurial spirit in individuals
  2. Show individuals how to create profitable businesses being who they are
  3. Create prosperity for all by sharing The Well-Paid Professional philosophy

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Join the Well-Paid Pro Small Business Evolution Community if you want to:

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  • Create a business that is a full expression of YOU
  • Make a more meaningful impact on Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean
  • Achieve a higher level of fulfillment in your work… while also making higher profits.
  • Transform selling into an expression of love and the highest form of service you can possibly give
  • Attract an army of loyal customers who care deeply about your cause and want to help you succeed by referring you to others

The Small Business Evolution Community was founded by Giselle Hudson, and she is connecting owners from across the Caribbean who are committed to being authentic, adding value using their talents and unique abilities, touching lives, building relationships, making Caribbean small businesses a collective economic force to be reckoned with!

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