How to Find the Source of All Success, Happiness and Accomplishment

There was a time when book reviews were confined to newspaper pages, the likes of the Guardian, the Telegraph and the New York Times. Now one can find tons of reviews on line from just about anyone. I buy quite a number of books on and whenever I’m researching a title, I always scourContinue reading “How to Find the Source of All Success, Happiness and Accomplishment”

Success is…

Well first I want to talk a bit about synchronicity. You see life ALWAYS delivers. Thoughts are so powerful. You think a question in your head and voila! the answer shows up in someone’s blog post, or in a conversation that you’re overhearing or in a sitcom. You never know where you answer will comeContinue reading “Success is…”

Walt Built Castles on this Firm Foundation

Always set deadlines every time you agree – or get someone else to agree – to accomplish a task. Michael Masterson of Early to Rise fame says: “Often we work on an ASAP deadline. It’s good to work this way occasionally – but not on a regular basis.” Walt Disney once said that deadlines areContinue reading “Walt Built Castles on this Firm Foundation”