the power and profitability of your business lies in asserting your uniqueness

Respect your own opinions more and those of others less, especially when it comes to your areas of expertise, to the field you have immersed yourself in. ROBERT GREENE – The Laws of Human Nature – The Law of Repression When we are young we cannot do anything other than express who we really are.Continue reading “the power and profitability of your business lies in asserting your uniqueness”

the effort from good to great gets easier when you’re aligned

What counts can often not be counted, and what is counted often doesn’t count. How do you measure progress, in your life, in your business? What are you counting? I started to think more deeply about this when I considered how much energy it takes to birth our dreams. After reading Maria Nemeth’s book, MasteringContinue reading “the effort from good to great gets easier when you’re aligned”

It doesn’t matter your level of success…

No matter your level of success, if you encounter a challenge, the solution comes from asking the right questions, digging deep, being truthful and discovering what works for you. Franchises have figured out operations and product – marketing is up to you. You may take onboard a tried and true consultative approach but it’s stillContinue reading “It doesn’t matter your level of success…”

Do You Have a Daily Ritual/Practice?

It’s a real question 🙂 I am not trying to sell you on adopting one that I’ve adopted that works. I am curious…that’s all. Let me know in the comments below. I’ve found that without some kind of ritual, I get easily lost in distraction…slipping down Facebook rabbit holes, getting roped into a story that’sContinue reading “Do You Have a Daily Ritual/Practice?”

Stop Telling People to Find/List their Passions

It screws them up. Whenever we talk about finding something it means that we don’t have it and we need to go look for it.  It’s out  there somewhere and if we can only find it, then we can do something with it. The Future of HR: What’s next for the profession was the name ofContinue reading “Stop Telling People to Find/List their Passions”

There Are No Guarantees

I spend quite a bit of time in my head – trying to figure things out. I love structure. I want the comfort of knowing that once I follow the RIGHT steps or the PRESCRIBED steps of those who went before that I would arrive safely at my intended destination, sans surprises! Needless to sayContinue reading “There Are No Guarantees”

Not Producing Results? You Might Be Out of Alignment on the Inside

There’s a quote I absolutely love by well known marketing strategist Beth A Grant where she says “No amount of marketing is ever going to make up for being out of alignment on the inside.” If you’re not getting consistent results in your life, this may very well be the case. You are not inContinue reading “Not Producing Results? You Might Be Out of Alignment on the Inside”

Is There a System to Discovering the WHY in Your Life?

A reader of my weekly Business Newsday Column recently emailed and asked: Is there a proven system that exists in discovering the “why” in one’s life. It seems to me that in reality there are many “whys” depending on the stage one has reached in their life and circumstances surrounding it. I made several attemptsContinue reading “Is There a System to Discovering the WHY in Your Life?”

Finding the authentic you

If you truly were to work on discovering who you really were – then perhaps the challenges in life and love would become clearer. Expect however that your life will be sprinkled with difficulties here and there. In Scott Peck’s book: – “The Road Less Traveled” he opens with the statement Life is difficult”; heContinue reading “Finding the authentic you”