Finally Learning that I Don’t Need Permission!

“You cannot grow in isolation.” This is something I share with those I coach and that I’m learning for myself. It’s easy to stay out of sight, lie for days on end in your cocoon of choice, or if you prefer – with your head comfortably submerged in sand. You can try to run awayContinue reading “Finally Learning that I Don’t Need Permission!”

Start Where You Are, But By All Means…START!

We regard hell as a spiritual realm of evil and suffering but I am convinced that we create our own “hell” on a daily basis, when we refuse to start things and when we leave the things we start – unfinished. ‘Not finishing’ is perhaps going to be another column but for today I’m focusedContinue reading “Start Where You Are, But By All Means…START!”

Keep Your Job or Tell the Truth?

You have to understand: most people were scared around Bezos because they were waaaay too worried about trying to keep their jobs. People in high-level positions sometimes have a little too much personal self-esteem invested in their success. Can you imagine how annoying it must be for him to be around timid people all dayContinue reading “Keep Your Job or Tell the Truth?”