If you don’t master this one skill…you’re toast!

I am currently reading and watching several films about Leonardo Da Vinci. In his book – How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michael J. Gelb says “he serves as a global archetype for human potential, giving us intimations of what we ourselves may be capable of doing. To some degree, we all have someContinue reading “If you don’t master this one skill…you’re toast!”

How do you embrace what makes you different?

We were not brought up to look for differences. We have been socialized to look for similarities…to look for ways to act the same, dress the same and want the same things. From an early age onwards our goal is to belong…never to stand out. On the school playground, I remember being teased relentlessly. IContinue reading “How do you embrace what makes you different?”

are you letting unworthiness hold you back from building a great business?

You are in a great place. So many good things are heading your way. Life is finally starting to make sense yet you may be thinking that good is not possible for you. OR that you are not worthy of the good things in life. Where does unworthiness come from? When did you start toContinue reading “are you letting unworthiness hold you back from building a great business?”

Within every belief is a lie

Think about your life so far as a book of sorts…and then think about what you’ve come to believe. Your book is filled with beliefs that you’ve collected over many years, from stuff your grandparents, parents, teachers, and friends told you; great grandparents and generations before you have influenced what you believe. You also formContinue reading “Within every belief is a lie”

Do you doubt your own ability to make a difference?

Self-doubt is par for the course. We all doubt ourselves from time to time. Today however it’s worse. Why, because we now measure everything we do by likes and comments from friends – some we know well, many are just ‘friends’ on social media. A like, a reaction, becomes our external grading feature. We haveContinue reading “Do you doubt your own ability to make a difference?”

what is the most important sale that you need to make daily?

The ducks are all lined up: You have your process clearly defined You know who you’re targeting You have your list Your sales presentation slides are complete You have created and packaged a “taste” of what you do You finally a comfortable with your pricing structure You know what you want your yearly income toContinue reading “what is the most important sale that you need to make daily?”

your sacred autobiography

Do you sometimes feel as if you know where you’re going and at other times feel so radically inadequate that you’re too embarrassed to say? Despite having done well on formal tests or perhaps performed poorly and worldly success continues to elude you – I am sure that you have already come to the realizationContinue reading “your sacred autobiography”

Our design is enduring

We are all created with an indelible, highly personal pattern of innate giftedness and motivation. Arthur Miller calls it your Motivated Abilities Pattern or MAP, and it’s nothing that you learned. It’s something you were born with, the thing that makes you tick and determines your successes and failures. Arthur Miller Jr. laid the foundationContinue reading “Our design is enduring”

Follow the Colour of the Door that Speaks to Your Heart…

…because what lies on the other side is worth it – Scott Ginsberg I think of all the talented people I know…their art fills the spaces of the Universe with love, colour, compassion and joy. Every day they are adding something to the canvas called life, with music and passion; voicing their ideas…writing poems…commenting…being…exposing themselvesContinue reading “Follow the Colour of the Door that Speaks to Your Heart…”

Putting Greater Emphasis on Self-examination vs Self-celebration

This graphic by Hugh MacLeod got me thinking. ( I love receiving Hugh’s emails. They always make me think. If you want to see what I mean, check out his blog here.) With this image Hugh talked about the trouble with success…it was exhausting. The he said… But we put on a brave face anyway, andContinue reading “Putting Greater Emphasis on Self-examination vs Self-celebration”