Losses do not make you a loser but how you handle them might…

I was reading a blog post recently by Jennifer Boykin called Broken Open to Greatness: Transforming Tragedy into Triumph, which got me thinking about business loss. “Last March,” she said, “my daughter Grace should have been twenty. She should have been a sophomore in college. She should have come home for the weekend. There shouldContinue reading “Losses do not make you a loser but how you handle them might…”

Why aren’t ‘what if’ scenarios helpful?

Unless someone experiences something first hand they seem to remain unmoved even in the face of compelling evidence. I can go back to the days of studying geography and learning that slash and burn will eventually lead to massive soil erosion and depletion of much needed minerals in the soil. Try explaining that to someoneContinue reading “Why aren’t ‘what if’ scenarios helpful?”