does this behavior help me become the type of person I wish to be?

“Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.”  – Tony Robbins Ask better questions, get better answers. How we behave counts. It doesn’t matter our intentions. Our actions move the needle. Wallace Wattles tells us in the Science of Being Rich: You can neverContinue reading “does this behavior help me become the type of person I wish to be?”

Recommit to your Goals…Daily!

Every day we need to recommit to our goals and dreams…to the contracts we’ve made with ourselves…our intentions….what we choose to continue, alter, begin or stop! At the seat of it all is what we are thinking…while we are doing. The story we are telling is far more important than any action we take. WhenContinue reading “Recommit to your Goals…Daily!”

Exposing the True Costs of Poor Judgment and Bad Behaviors

Do you have someone in your life, willing to have the hard conversations with you? Point out things that others are afraid to say aloud? I am really blessed to have a couple of those people in my life who point out when I am being biased, or too emotional or irrational. These friends pullContinue reading “Exposing the True Costs of Poor Judgment and Bad Behaviors”

Good Intentions Only Go So Far…

Who we are…our approach to things…how we execute…what we would like people to experience…THIS is our brand. Whether it’s one person or a business we must be able to articulate what we are committed to doing, how we are going to do what we set out to do and what that experience might look like.Continue reading “Good Intentions Only Go So Far…”