Starting Over…

Everyday we get an opportunity to start over. We may not look at it like that – we may think that we are just continuing on from yesterday but I believe it’s an opportunity to begin again. A new day brings with it light and promise. An opportunity to look at things differently, in anotherContinue reading “Starting Over…”

Make your ‘Mess’ your Marketing Message

Born in the mid sixties I grew up hearing about soul “The brother’s got soul!” “Be careful not to sell your soul” “Have you saved your soul?” and in the early seventies we welcomed the ‘Soul Train’. When we say people have “soul” I guess we think that somehow their lives have a deeper meaning.Continue reading “Make your ‘Mess’ your Marketing Message”

Are you stuck in your own “Twilight Zone”? defines the twilight zone as a state of mind between reality and fantasy; dreamlike or hallucinatory state. It’s natural to dream and to want a better life but we must be careful if all we’re doing is ‘dreaming’ and ‘wanting’. Sometimes we can become mired in the zone between reality and fantasy and remainContinue reading “Are you stuck in your own “Twilight Zone”?”