I’ll Be Happy When or If…..

Our happiness always seems to be conditional on something happening FIRST, before we can be happy. Usually that “something” is outside of us. It might be a promotion at work. It might be acquiring a new outfit. It might be getting a face-lift. It might be changing our geographic location. I agree that something doesContinue reading “I’ll Be Happy When or If…..”

Your destiny depends entirely on your mental conduct

Someone said to me recently, “I didn’t realize how negative I was.” If we were to record from sun up to sun down all our thoughts tomorrow, I bet that we would find ourselves quite negative in our outlook. Thoughts come and go so swiftly that we are not always aware. Negative thought habits areContinue reading “Your destiny depends entirely on your mental conduct”

Say “YES” to life

Saying yes is sometimes difficult. We say things like “…OK I’ll see how things go” or “if is anything I’ll try to come/do what you’ve asked/donate etc.” Saying yes translates into making a commitment that you will feel badly about if/when you renege on your promise. I once heard a presenter say after a salesContinue reading “Say “YES” to life”