Effficiency versus impact

During this morning’s quiet time, I was reviewing my business marketing efforts and contemplating whether I in fact was clear about my vision and what I wanted to be ‘known’ for. My mind drifted (as minds are fond of doing 🙂 ) and I got to thinking about solo practitioners, and our quest for efficiency.Continue reading “Effficiency versus impact”

Are You Suffering From Wealth Inhibition?

As published in my weekly column in today’s Business Newsday Money, as the basis of any discussion brings up queasiness. MONEY – It can be uncomfortable, unnerving and downright sticky for some! But if you’re in business you are going to have to get comfortable with money. You have to tell people what things cost,Continue reading “Are You Suffering From Wealth Inhibition?”

I am rich and didn’t know it!

I did not win the Lotto and my rich uncle did not die and leave me all his money. I’ve been really blessed with great friends. Each friend has a story to tell about how we met and many would claim that “they know me long time” (said with a trini accent of course! :))Continue reading “I am rich and didn’t know it!”