Saying That You REALLY WANT Something is Not Enough

There comes a time in ones life when you have to start telling yourself the truth. All the things you keep SAYING you REALLY WANT – do you REALLY WANT them or have they become like lines in a familiar song that you repeat over and over because you’ve grown accustomed to hearing it enoughContinue reading “Saying That You REALLY WANT Something is Not Enough”

My Higher Self REFUSED to be Fooled Today

I don’t like tricks being played on me so I tend to lie low for April Fools. My friend Sally Ann did catch me though with a Facebook post that she’d been up all night because one of her dogs made young ‘uns. I was ecstatic thinking to myself that since I no longer hadContinue reading “My Higher Self REFUSED to be Fooled Today”

Are you stuck in your own “Twilight Zone”? defines the twilight zone as a state of mind between reality and fantasy; dreamlike or hallucinatory state. It’s natural to dream and to want a better life but we must be careful if all we’re doing is ‘dreaming’ and ‘wanting’. Sometimes we can become mired in the zone between reality and fantasy and remainContinue reading “Are you stuck in your own “Twilight Zone”?”