Not Everyone Needs to Believe in Your Idea

But you do. This is a key component and determining factor in you stepping out of your comfort zone and doing that “stupid” thing. And please don’t berate me for saying that your idea is stupid. You said it first. Why do we almost always condemn our ideas before even trying them on for size?Continue reading “Not Everyone Needs to Believe in Your Idea”

Sprinkles Are For Winners

I love this advertisement. Every time I see it I always laugh BUT it also serves as a gentle reminder that I should not just settle for good if I could do better! The vast majority of us today rarely achieve better than mediocrity.  We would all love to be wildly successful yet 80% ofContinue reading “Sprinkles Are For Winners”

Who Believes in You?

Do you have people around you who believe in you? Do you have friends who challenge you…encourage you to stretch? If you have people around you who agree with the way you are, and how you’re doing things then you are in trouble. If you are not getting the results you want in your lifeContinue reading “Who Believes in You?”

Why Do Change Initiatives Flop Far More Often Than They Fly?

Published in the Business Newsday May 24th 2012 As the business owner or leader of your team what is your most important job and focus? I want you to think about this question carefully because in it is the answer as to why the changes you want to see aren’t sticking. Sure any change thatContinue reading “Why Do Change Initiatives Flop Far More Often Than They Fly?”

A Trinbagonian’s strength is his character

“I could write a book about what is wrong with Trinidad and Tobago, but I could fill a library about what is good about it”. My friend and colleague Nigel Wall had this up recently as his Facebook status – inspired by Charlie ‘Tremendous’ Jones accomplished speaker and writer (with over 5000 seminars under hisContinue reading “A Trinbagonian’s strength is his character”

Why Self-Help is not always Helpful…

People all over the world, including here in Trinidad and Tobago, are consuming in excess of US$9.6 billion of self-improvement or personal development products a year. These products are available to consumers as books, electronic books (or E-Books), CDs, DVDs, teleconferences and webinars, and are offered not only by well-known “gurus” like Deepak Chopra, BrianContinue reading “Why Self-Help is not always Helpful…”

No faith in oneself looks like this…

Phillip II of Spain put in charge of the invincible Armada the Duke of Medina Sidonia a man who had not faith in himself, no faith in his ability and no faith in his men. And if you think this description is harsh – here is the letter the Duke wrote to the King, uponContinue reading “No faith in oneself looks like this…”