From Happiness to Hell and Finally…MAGIC!

Entrepreneurship is in Gabrielle’s DNA. She grew up seeing a brother in photography, a dad who worked at Caroni but also did woodwork and a mom who was a schoolteacher and did ceramics. Creating came naturally to Gabby so when she received a book on Handmade Greeting cards as a gift from her mom, sheContinue reading “From Happiness to Hell and Finally…MAGIC!”

You Can NEVER Copy Someone’s Roadmap and Expect to Succeed

A search on for books titled “How to Succeed” offers 33,413 results; a search for books on self-help – 1,042,657 results and self-improvement – 158,425. There is a lot of information out there. The earliest self help book in my library would be Self Help by Samuel Smiles published in 1859. Self-Help sold 20,000 copiesContinue reading “You Can NEVER Copy Someone’s Roadmap and Expect to Succeed”