This Halloween I’m Showing up as IMPOSSIBLE!

CONTEMPLATE THIS… Why you might ask? Because IMPOSSIBLE is frightening! Let the word tumble around a bit in your head…that’s right…impossible…impossible…impossible…I’m going to attempt to do the impossible. If you want a little help stirring up feelings for the impossible, this account of Felix Baumgartner’s record breaking highest jump ever should get you tingling. “TrustContinue reading “This Halloween I’m Showing up as IMPOSSIBLE!”

Guess What? You’re not perfect.

As published in the Woman Express – Sunday Express Magazine, Trinidad and Tobago on April 8th 2012 Feel relieved? Someone needs to remind us right? Yet how often do we measure ourselves against some perfect life that we could never attain? Think. How many ‘shoulds’ are floating around in your head right now? Let meContinue reading “Guess What? You’re not perfect.”

What is the Value of a Second Effort?

I have always tried to follow my intuition. Today is difficult because I’m being asked to put myself ‘out there’ – to expose myself to John and Jane public. In a recent interview – Natalie Cole talks about her life and why God puts her in certain situations that are incomprehensible to her. Like theContinue reading “What is the Value of a Second Effort?”

Be Authentic and Remain Open to Inspiration

I have been reading and listening to Perry Marshall for quite some time now, especially his “Guerrilla Marketing for Hi-Tech Sales People” and he always shares great stuff. So of course when I saw the subject line in today’s email “The #1 Enemy you will conquer in your life is SHAME” I immediately clicked toContinue reading “Be Authentic and Remain Open to Inspiration”