Is your past keeping you stuck?

I recently started a re-read of Napoleon Hill’s ‘Grow Rich with Peace of Mind.’ Marketing genius Dan Kennedy calls this Napoleon Hill’s best book. I understand why Dan would say that this is his best book because of the experience and learning that must have taken place between when ‘Think and Grow Rich’ was firstContinue reading “Is your past keeping you stuck?”

Losses do not make you a loser but how you handle them might…

I was reading a blog post recently by Jennifer Boykin called Broken Open to Greatness: Transforming Tragedy into Triumph, which got me thinking about business loss. “Last March,” she said, “my daughter Grace should have been twenty. She should have been a sophomore in college. She should have come home for the weekend. There shouldContinue reading “Losses do not make you a loser but how you handle them might…”

Leaders are Readers – Learners are Earners

For decades, authors have studied the characteristics of great leaders in every field. While volumes have been written on the common strengths of front-runners worldwide, most of the emphasis has been placed on the same dozen or so attributes that authors feel readers want to hear about. One distinguishing quality of all great leaders isContinue reading “Leaders are Readers – Learners are Earners”