Seeking Wisdom

I love to read. I love books. I underline in them (using a ruler so “yes” I’m anal). I make notes in my journal. I get article ideas and I feed on those ideas I never thought about myself. I learn new words ALL THE TIME and I learn them in context. Lately I’m notContinue reading “Seeking Wisdom”

Are You Spending Your Days and Wasting Your Precious Time Doing Pseudo-Work?

“He’s not doing work…he’s doing the pretense of work.” This was the comment made by a visiting consultant after observing a then colleague of mine. The guy under scrutiny always looked busy, talked a good talk but accomplished very little. Pseudo-work – the illusion of actual work; to the untrained eye it looks as ifContinue reading “Are You Spending Your Days and Wasting Your Precious Time Doing Pseudo-Work?”

It Takes More than Passion to Succeed

Follow your passion is bad advice. So says Cal Newport, Ph.D., a 30 something year-old and assistant Professor of Computer Science at Georgetown University. Yet many of us feel badly because we don’t know what our passion is. First we have to find it and THEN we can follow it! Makes sense, somewhat but it doesn’tContinue reading “It Takes More than Passion to Succeed”