Does the End Justify the Means? How Far Would You Go?

Finally got around to looking at the movie “Whiplash”. I didn’t read any reviews before so I was pleasantly surprised that it was about jazz and the musicians who choose to pursue this musical genre to claim greatness. J.J.Duncan describes what the movie is about in his post ‘6 Deep Thoughts About Whiplash’: At theContinue reading “Does the End Justify the Means? How Far Would You Go?”

How to Plan an Attack on Your Addiction to Comfort

*This article was also published in my weekly column in the Trinidad and Tobago Business Newsday Jan 16 2014 Robert D. Smith, author of 20,000 Days and Counting: The Crash Course for Mastering Life Right Now, says that every day we face a battle against two thoughts: Will this ever work? Am I good enough? HeContinue reading “How to Plan an Attack on Your Addiction to Comfort”

Why Do We Give Up So Easily?

In a word – DISCOMFORT. We don’t like it. We prefer COMFORT. Anytime we start feeling UNCOMFORTABLE we quit-stop-throw in the towel – you get the picture. Ideas make us interesting. Decisions make us bold. But only action makes us great! – Jeff Shore I love talking and sharing ideas. It makes me feel asContinue reading “Why Do We Give Up So Easily?”

An open letter to all struggling *blank*professionals

Dear *blank*Professional, (*blank can be replaced by sales, independent, service, real estate, career etc) I have a couple of personal questions. You may have never shared these things with anyone before… but I want you to think about them, and be as honest as possible… Has the lack of sales success in your life everContinue reading “An open letter to all struggling *blank*professionals”

A fishy lesson in growth

The growth of tropical fish is limited to the size of the aquarium Just like these fish, so are we affected by our environment. Are your current circumstances helping you grow? Do you find you are struggling to reach your potential? If your current circumstances don’t support you then you need to create an environmentContinue reading “A fishy lesson in growth”