Will the Real Entrepreneurs Please Stand Up!

The Oxford English Dictionary defines an entrepreneur as ‘a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit’. Who comes to mind? Perhaps Mark Zuckerberg or Alan Sugar? Maybe Bill Gates or James Dyson? If we were talking about entrepreneurs in Trinidad and Tobago who would weContinue reading “Will the Real Entrepreneurs Please Stand Up!”

Excuses Are the Poison of Low Performance.

Get a degree, work hard, and success will automatically follow. This is the success map that we are all given. Has anyone noticed that it’s broken? Business Strategist, popular speaker and ultra-runner Dan Waldschmidt refuses to accept business as usual. He says that this success map represents a model that is a false promise andContinue reading “Excuses Are the Poison of Low Performance.”

Do Women Know What They Want?

I was having breakfast recently with an old co-worker turned mastermind colleague and friend. We were exchanging what men like to call ‘war’ stories of what was going on in our businesses and lives and what we were presently ‘battling’ with. We looked at where we were, working together at the same company, and whereContinue reading “Do Women Know What They Want?”