what is the most important sale that you need to make daily?

The ducks are all lined up: You have your process clearly defined You know who you’re targeting You have your list Your sales presentation slides are complete You have created and packaged a “taste” of what you do You finally a comfortable with your pricing structure You know what you want your yearly income toContinue reading “what is the most important sale that you need to make daily?”

Exposing the True Costs of Poor Judgment and Bad Behaviors

Do you have someone in your life, willing to have the hard conversations with you? Point out things that others are afraid to say aloud? I am really blessed to have a couple of those people in my life who point out when I am being biased, or too emotional or irrational. These friends pullContinue reading “Exposing the True Costs of Poor Judgment and Bad Behaviors”

Was I Trying to Set My Brain on Fire?

I was feeling like this guy but I wasn’t smiling. Beware of the open ended project. The one with no deadline. The one that you think about for weeks on end. The one that you throw up in the air and create strategies around it to keep it alive and well. The one you KNOWContinue reading “Was I Trying to Set My Brain on Fire?”

How the Language of Ownership Affects Your Results

Language matters. The words we choose to use frame our understanding and set the tone and foundation for how we see ourselves and how we view our world. Often the words we use are a product of our environment, and we repeat what others around us say without giving it much thought. But I thinkContinue reading “How the Language of Ownership Affects Your Results”

Be Wary of the New, Different or Unknown

  How useless to spread a net in full view of the birds This 17th verse from the first chapter in Proverbs captured my imagination this morning. I wanted to understand it more fully. What did this mean exactly? In order to catch birds fowlers (persons occupied as bird catchers) spread their nets, in clearContinue reading “Be Wary of the New, Different or Unknown”

What Are You Going to Do With the Chances You Have Left?

If you had the resources to accomplish something great in the world, what would you do? I came across that question in a Strategy and Business article with a title that sucked me in: 40 Chances to Realize Your Goals by Susan Cramm, leadership coach and author. Goal setting and goal achieving have always beenContinue reading “What Are You Going to Do With the Chances You Have Left?”

By Our Choices We Reveal Our Commitments

If what you are currently doing isn’t working for you, you have other choices. Responsibility is the recognition of choice, and by your choices you reveal your commitments – Marlene Chism Today’s post was inspired by my friend and colleague Marlene Chism, author of ‘Stop Workplace Drama’. I posted the quote above as a FacebookContinue reading “By Our Choices We Reveal Our Commitments”

It’s Time to Take Back Control of Your Life!

It’s time to take back control of your life! If you enjoyed this post and would like to read more like it why don’t you Grab my weekly newsletter – Chocolate for the Cranium™ here – It’s packed full of strategies and tools to help you to tap into WHO YOU REALLY ARE and develop the confidence to make decisions in your businessContinue reading “It’s Time to Take Back Control of Your Life!”

I never wanted to have children but…

I’m very good with children. I make them laugh. I engage them. They talk with me. Some think I’m cool. I’ve had many a discussion with guys who seem taken aback when I say that I NEVER wanted to have children. I’ve never felt that desire. They think it’s natural for a woman to wantContinue reading “I never wanted to have children but…”