Lead Me Not into Temptation…for I will Go There Myself!

I decided that I was going to reupholster a sofa. I took the covers off to take to the guy who was going to do the job so that he could measure and let me know how much material I needed to buy. I stripped the cushions on the back porch and left the piecesContinue reading “Lead Me Not into Temptation…for I will Go There Myself!”

Guess What? You’re not perfect.

As published in the Woman Express – Sunday Express Magazine, Trinidad and Tobago on April 8th 2012 Feel relieved? Someone needs to remind us right? Yet how often do we measure ourselves against some perfect life that we could never attain? Think. How many ‘shoulds’ are floating around in your head right now? Let meContinue reading “Guess What? You’re not perfect.”

For those who seek happiness

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” – Dalai Lama Sometimes I can be very judgmental. I often try to balance that with being overly critical of myself and my actions. So as I criticize others, I seek to look to myself for any displayContinue reading “For those who seek happiness”

The Power of Connection

We are so uber-connected these days. Technology provides us with so many self serve options that we seem to be connecting to each other less and less. I was talking with a massage therapist who recently took a “Compassionate Touch” course focused on hands-on care for those in later life stages. Some folks showed earlyContinue reading “The Power of Connection”