You Will NEVER Succeed If….

First things first: how would you describe success? What needs to be happen for you to feel successful or feel like a success? Believe it or not, much of the potential for success in your life depends upon two things: Your ability to effectively function physically, mentally, and emotionally and How well you balance whereContinue reading “You Will NEVER Succeed If….”

How Important is Humility?

A class at Harvard College was asked to describe the most humble person they knew. One characteristic stood out: They had a high level of self esteem. They knew who they were, and they felt good about who they were. In an article discussing humility on the site – The Art of Manliness – byContinue reading “How Important is Humility?”

A Face to Face Visit With Confidence

Many years ago, I visited my optometrist to have my glasses adjusted. The woman who usually helped me was attending to another customer. Reluctantly I shared my reason for being there with an obviously new employee. The way she took my spectacles from me, made me uneasy but I chalked that up to me notContinue reading “A Face to Face Visit With Confidence”

When you are DOING… it’s hard to be Doubting

I will be like a raindrop that washes away the mountain; the ant who devours a tiger; the star which brightens the earth…small attempts repeated will complete any undertaking – Og Mandino That’s the power of persistence. Hacking away at the tree with an axe until it falls. Doing a little bit every day. Taking oneContinue reading “When you are DOING… it’s hard to be Doubting”

Do You Have What it Takes to Be an Entrepreneur?

Who has the most talent for building and sustaining a business? How can we find these people who are so crucial to the future of our economy? What are the personality characteristics and behaviors that lead to business building success? These are valid questions because we’ve all heard the challenges small and mid-size companies faceContinue reading “Do You Have What it Takes to Be an Entrepreneur?”

The 3 Questions That Will Literally Save Your Life

In an article titled *Understanding Yourself* author Ching Ning Chu described Coco Chanel, the famous French fashion designer, as starting her career not as a designer but as a well-to-do society lady. She always dressed in the manner she liked, regardless of current trends. Her unique style, particularly her bobbed hair and raised hemline, wentContinue reading “The 3 Questions That Will Literally Save Your Life”

Safeguard your Authentic Self …

by Building your own Castle It is so easy for us to get undone by something someone says. And that someone could be just about anybody. Someone we don’t know makes a remark about how long we’re taking at the checkout; a broadcaster says something that we don’t agree with; our boss is sarcastic forContinue reading “Safeguard your Authentic Self …”

A Trinbagonian’s strength is his character

“I could write a book about what is wrong with Trinidad and Tobago, but I could fill a library about what is good about it”. My friend and colleague Nigel Wall had this up recently as his Facebook status – inspired by Charlie ‘Tremendous’ Jones accomplished speaker and writer (with over 5000 seminars under hisContinue reading “A Trinbagonian’s strength is his character”

Never Apologize (in this context)…

I’m reading Julia Child’s “My Life in France” with Alex Prud’homme. At a recent business event, I got up to make a comment. With my sore throat, I first apologized because my voice was hoarse. On getting back to my table, this woman who I had only met that morning said to me – “WhatContinue reading “Never Apologize (in this context)…”

Can You Make a Living at Self-Employment?

So many people claim that they wish they could work for themselves. I think most times they would like an alternative to their job – but that’s not necessarily the best start on the road to self-employment. Then there are those who definitely should be in business for themselves, who long to show up bigger,Continue reading “Can You Make a Living at Self-Employment?”