When Fear Dissolved in the Midst of Turbulence

I would never say that I’m afraid of flying but I don’t like turbulence. Who does? As I sat in the airport this morning, awaiting the arrival of my flight, rain started to fall. By the time I ascended the plane stairs, the winds were blowing fiercely. I heard the flight attendant say something likeContinue reading “When Fear Dissolved in the Midst of Turbulence”

Allowing the Universe to Give You What You Need

There was a time when I could sit for hours reading. I would finish a 200 plus page book in about 2 days. I felt centred, connected, in touch with the Universe. Whatever I read I understood immediately. I would underline; make notes; everything made sense. And then I developed this compulsion to constantly check toContinue reading “Allowing the Universe to Give You What You Need”

Guess What? You’re not perfect.

As published in the Woman Express – Sunday Express Magazine, Trinidad and Tobago on April 8th 2012 Feel relieved? Someone needs to remind us right? Yet how often do we measure ourselves against some perfect life that we could never attain? Think. How many ‘shoulds’ are floating around in your head right now? Let meContinue reading “Guess What? You’re not perfect.”

Sharing the gift of a connection

Recently at the launch of A World of Possibilities I met a young woman who sent this to me today. It was a perfect message in every way. I was reminded how short life is and how important it was for me to make the best use of my time and energy here on earthContinue reading “Sharing the gift of a connection”

The Power of Connection

We are so uber-connected these days. Technology provides us with so many self serve options that we seem to be connecting to each other less and less. I was talking with a massage therapist who recently took a “Compassionate Touch” course focused on hands-on care for those in later life stages. Some folks showed earlyContinue reading “The Power of Connection”

Keep the grass closest to you – Green

Have you ever noticed that many times the grass immediately surrounding a sprinkler head is brown? Laurie Beth Jones calls this the Sprinkler Phenomenon of Management. So much energy and drive is going to the outer reaches of the yard that the grass closes to the source of the water is left dry. We oftenContinue reading “Keep the grass closest to you – Green”