Learning to Surf Life

I’m afraid of turbulence in water. I grew up with my grandmother saying “the sea has no back door.” I believed her. Curiously I don’t like turbulence – PERIOD. Lately in life it seems that I am encountering turbulence but it’s unfamiliar. I have grown comfortable with the turbulence of not having regular work, notContinue reading “Learning to Surf Life”

How Pure is Your Intention?

Jonathan Fields got me thinking about this in a recent blog post about Intention and Regret. His discussion centred around this quote It is said that if our intention is to help others…we will never have any regret. Regret is a result of trying to make “me” happy – Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche or “The Sakyong” I think thatContinue reading “How Pure is Your Intention?”

Settling into Your Life Raft…

The image of a raft without oars has got my attention. If I’m in a raft without oars, I’d have no choice but to make sure I stay IN the raft and go with the flow. One things for sure is that I would not be traveling backward. I would always be heading down streamContinue reading “Settling into Your Life Raft…”