Where will 2022 find you?

Like it or not, you are EXACTLY WHERE YOU WANT TO BE. Maybe you are unhappy. Perhaps you are in a job you’re thankful for, but silently hate. You might be out of a job now given COVID-19 and its effect on work generally. You might be working but your hours have been severely slashed.Continue reading “Where will 2022 find you?”

There is Pain in the Present but will there be the Same Pain in Your Future?

You probably have realized this by now – you cannot “spin” your way out of a bad situation. You can’t just tell a better story about how things are, and then hope that life will take the shape of your thoughts. Life doesn’t work that way. I know many might think I’m flying in theContinue reading “There is Pain in the Present but will there be the Same Pain in Your Future?”

What’s your Hidden Opportunity?

When we are no longer able to change the situation, we are challenged to change ourselves – Victor Frankl What is it really going to take for you to succeed in this new economy? Whatever rules you’ve been taught in the past don’t apply anymore. EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED! It’s adapt or die in this newContinue reading “What’s your Hidden Opportunity?”