Organize Your Choices Strategically to Create what you Want

Sometimes it’s easy for us to say “I have no choice…”which (according to Robert Fritz, author of ‘The Path of Least Resistance’) is one of the ways that people avoid or undermine effective choice by losing the potential power of choice – yet choices abound. Even if you don’t SEE the choice – it’s there.Continue reading “Organize Your Choices Strategically to Create what you Want”

The Burden of Greatness

When artists create masterpieces and bestsellers, they feel an unrealistic expectation to repeat the miraculous. The same is true for many high-achieving women. This obsessive pursuit can lead to great accomplishments. It can also lead to frustration, exhaustion and a disconnection from ourselves and our emotions. No doubt this has an effect on our relationshipsContinue reading “The Burden of Greatness”

The magic ingredient for creating success

Give yourself the touch of gold! I have these instructions  printed out and pasted on the front of a book by Chet Holmes called “The Ultimate Sales Machine.” (Brilliant book – if you don’t have a copy – get it, and thank me later) – “The great ones in life are not those who areContinue reading “The magic ingredient for creating success”