Good Intentions Only Go So Far…

Who we are…our approach to things…how we execute…what we would like people to experience…THIS is our brand. Whether it’s one person or a business we must be able to articulate what we are committed to doing, how we are going to do what we set out to do and what that experience might look like.Continue reading “Good Intentions Only Go So Far…”

Business Owners: Forget About Gaining and Keeping Loyal Employees

Which business owner doesn’t have a loyal employee? “Do you see so and so” they say…”he has been with me since before Christ. I can depend on him no matter what.” This person enjoys certain perks as a result of his devotion. The Boss enjoys having him around and he seems to enjoy his job.Continue reading “Business Owners: Forget About Gaining and Keeping Loyal Employees”

Don’t Fix the Food – Fix the Experience

Yesterday I went to a very popular International Franchise Restaurant for lunch with a potential client for his complimentary Possibilities to Profit ™ Personal Branding Strategy Session We both decided to order light. I ordered the Broccoli Cheese Soup and a Caesar Salad and my client ordered a Caesar Salad and a portion of FrenchContinue reading “Don’t Fix the Food – Fix the Experience”