Don’t stop trying in trying times

The late and beloved rabbi of famed Temple of Shalom in Chicago, Louis Binstock said that often it is not the wrong start but the wrong stop that makes the difference between success and failure. To quit while we’re ahead would be silly; to quit when we’re behind is even sillier. It requires will toContinue reading “Don’t stop trying in trying times”

The Unrest Within isn’t Necessarily NEGATIVE

I read this recently from a book I’m re-reading called “The Sacred YES” by Rev Deborah L. Johnson: Way too often you mis-characterize the unrest within you as negativity. The worry, the anxieties, the doubts, the trepidation that you feel are automatically assumed to be, and therefore are dismissed as negativity. We tend to runContinue reading “The Unrest Within isn’t Necessarily NEGATIVE”