When exactly will you feel successful?

I, like many others, have been watching the Olympic games and with that, the advertisements that support me being able to view the games from the comfort of my home. There are advertisements for new cars, investment propositions and guidance on how to transact business online with ease. This got me thinking about goals. ThereContinue reading “When exactly will you feel successful?”

our desire for control

We want to have everything the way we want it yet we don’t realize that this is the source of our anxiety. Before COVID-19 we felt that we had more control, because we had more choices. We could go out freely to the malls, go out to dinner, take our kids to the park, getContinue reading “our desire for control”

Whatever is normal to us becomes invisible…

…even if what we’re doing is counterproductive or hurting us. I remember hearing a story (back in my AMWAY days) where Ian old timer pulled into a service station to get some directions. As the attendant pulled out his map (yes this was told back in the day before apps were even invented lol or forContinue reading “Whatever is normal to us becomes invisible…”

Why Do You Go to Work?

I can’t tell you the last time I heard someone tell me that they loved their job. Fewer still share that they like what they do. In fact it seems that most people consider it normal to be unhappy at work. Writer and Speaker Luc Reid observes, “The idea seems to be that you haveContinue reading “Why Do You Go to Work?”

Why Comparisons NEVER Put Us in a Great Frame of Mind!

  Yesterday I found myself feeling down. I started to bitch to myself about what I was doing with my life. I felt as if I was making zero progress and not ‘getting it together’ as quickly as I thought I needed to to take the steps I SHOULD be taking. I guess I couldContinue reading “Why Comparisons NEVER Put Us in a Great Frame of Mind!”