Starting Over…

Everyday we get an opportunity to start over. We may not look at it like that – we may think that we are just continuing on from yesterday but I believe it’s an opportunity to begin again. A new day brings with it light and promise. An opportunity to look at things differently, in anotherContinue reading “Starting Over…”

“Did my model come with instructions? I can’t seem to find mine?”

As a long time science fiction buff, I was imagining a cloned human, waking up to planet Earth and trying to determine how they were supposed to live as a human being – where were the rules? Our parents, teachers and friends do their best to help us along the way yet it is inevitableContinue reading ““Did my model come with instructions? I can’t seem to find mine?””

Are you tired of starting from Zero every month?

Why does building business momentum seem so elusive? Do you feel at times as if you are wading through a vat of molasses or as in young people speak – “yuh sticking?” Many business owners could well attest to peaks and troughs in their business but I am describing not even feast or famine butContinue reading “Are you tired of starting from Zero every month?”