What’s your Hidden Opportunity?

When we are no longer able to change the situation, we are challenged to change ourselves – Victor Frankl What is it really going to take for you to succeed in this new economy? Whatever rules you’ve been taught in the past don’t apply anymore. EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED! It’s adapt or die in this newContinue reading “What’s your Hidden Opportunity?”

Be Wary of the New, Different or Unknown

  How useless to spread a net in full view of the birds This 17th verse from the first chapter in Proverbs captured my imagination this morning. I wanted to understand it more fully. What did this mean exactly? In order to catch birds fowlers (persons occupied as bird catchers) spread their nets, in clearContinue reading “Be Wary of the New, Different or Unknown”

How to Plan an Attack on Your Addiction to Comfort

*This article was also published in my weekly column in the Trinidad and Tobago Business Newsday Jan 16 2014 Robert D. Smith, author of 20,000 Days and Counting: The Crash Course for Mastering Life Right Now, says that every day we face a battle against two thoughts: Will this ever work? Am I good enough? HeContinue reading “How to Plan an Attack on Your Addiction to Comfort”

How Pure is Your Intention?

Jonathan Fields got me thinking about this in a recent blog post about Intention and Regret. His discussion centred around this quote It is said that if our intention is to help others…we will never have any regret. Regret is a result of trying to make “me” happy – Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche or “The Sakyong” I think thatContinue reading “How Pure is Your Intention?”

How Freedom Causes Failure

I started to think about this on my daily walk yesterday. On Tuesday I started a brand new journal and adopted a different approach to navigating 2014. I made some definite decisions about the direction I intended to go in my business and life and how I was going to hold myself accountable. I alsoContinue reading “How Freedom Causes Failure”

Why Do We Give Up So Easily?

In a word – DISCOMFORT. We don’t like it. We prefer COMFORT. Anytime we start feeling UNCOMFORTABLE we quit-stop-throw in the towel – you get the picture. Ideas make us interesting. Decisions make us bold. But only action makes us great! – Jeff Shore I love talking and sharing ideas. It makes me feel asContinue reading “Why Do We Give Up So Easily?”

Are you afraid of the ‘deep end’ in your life?

When I was growing up and learning to swim, I had a lot of respect for the deep end of the pool. I could see where the shallow section ended and the deep started and I avoided the deep like the plague. In his book A Year to Live Stephen Levine says “We are motivatedContinue reading “Are you afraid of the ‘deep end’ in your life?”