The Beauty of Being Different Makes ALL the Difference!

If there is one point upon which ALL success gurus will agree, it would be this: Success isn’t just a matter of what you do but also of what you believe. The “Dean of Personal Development” Earl Nightingale said the best definition of success he’d ever been able to find was this: “Success is theContinue reading “The Beauty of Being Different Makes ALL the Difference!”

Do You Know Your True Self Worth?

“We are not being paid enough!” “My take home pay doesn’t take me home!” “If sales could increase – that would be great for business!” Regardless of whether you work for someone or own a business – making more money is a thought that is in everyone’s brain. The question is always: “How can IContinue reading “Do You Know Your True Self Worth?”

Is Selling Really Difficult or is that an Excuse?

A business is not a business until a sale is made. And a sale is not a sale until the cheque clears in the bank. The road to making these sales and cashing these cheques always appears to be paved with nails and thorns. Show me happy sales people and sales managers who aren’t lamentingContinue reading “Is Selling Really Difficult or is that an Excuse?”