You don’t make a difference by judging; you make one by taking action

We have become great observers and brilliant detectors. We see what is wrong. We can identify what is missing. We understand that things must change. THEN WE WAIT. Wait for someone else to speak up, to suggest the change, to have the difficult conversation. Even when it comes to stuff pertaining to our own well-being,Continue reading “You don’t make a difference by judging; you make one by taking action”

Never Settle For Less Than You’re Worth

This article was also published in the Trinidad Express Woman’s Magazine 19.01.2014 Ever wonder if you’re under-earning? Barbara Stanny, author of Secrets of Six Figure Women, who writes, teaches and coaches with one aim in mind: to empower women financially shares that all under-earners have one common trait: A high tolerance for low pay. “ButContinue reading “Never Settle For Less Than You’re Worth”

Survival is not enough…in fact it’s painful!

Only painful though when you’re not involved in the work that you should be doing! Most of us approach the world of work with the same paradigm: Go to school. Get a degree. Get a job. Perhaps take another job. Work hard. Rise up through the ranks. Become the “head honcho”. Make big bucks. RetireContinue reading “Survival is not enough…in fact it’s painful!”