The Label of “Dumb” – What Does it Mean Exactly?

Or loser for that matter.Or any other labels that we choose to heap on the shoulders of our fellow citizens who may not catch on as quickly or who despite our own best efforts are not “getting it” or catching on fast enough. I remember hearing Les Brown say that when he was in theContinue reading “The Label of “Dumb” – What Does it Mean Exactly?”

Real value lies in interpretation and application

A Parable I borrowed from Emmet Fox to explain my point 🙂 “A remote island was inhabited by highly intelligent savages. They had some primitive art and made excellent drawings of animals on the walls of caves. A box was washed ashore containing a number of books, dry and in good condition. The natives wereContinue reading “Real value lies in interpretation and application”

Wake up and be open to Someone Else’s Ideas

Many hotels have a wonderful tool that allows you to sleep without interruption. Yes I am referring to the humble but very effective ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign. All you have to do is hang this outside your door and you will be left alone for as long as you desire. Dr. Emmet Fox, a wellContinue reading “Wake up and be open to Someone Else’s Ideas”