Be More of This for 2015 and Watch as New Doors Open Up for You!

We’ve all been cynical at one point or other in our lives. We’ve all had to: Fight the ‘been there” “done that” and “I can explain that in ten seconds if you let me” tendency that comes with having lived a while. Battle the “I don’t think I’m going to trust anyone again” impulse afterContinue reading “Be More of This for 2015 and Watch as New Doors Open Up for You!”

How Well Does Your Job Fit?

To Steven Darter, a good job fits like a pair of well-made, hand-crafted boots. It makes you feel good, it makes you look good, and it makes you stand a little taller. “And if you’re in something that doesn’t fit well, you start getting blisters, and that really hurts,” said Darter, the president of PeopleContinue reading “How Well Does Your Job Fit?”

On Setting Boundaries and Having Compassion…

The minute we set a boundary – guilt sets in. Was I being too harsh? I’m sure I could have fit that in – I didn’t have to say “no”. Where will he/she get the help they need now that I’ve said “no.” It’s really not going to take me that long… Setting boundaries isContinue reading “On Setting Boundaries and Having Compassion…”

What Do You Believe Stands Between You And Making More Money?

If you have a relationship with nothing else in the physical world, you will have a relationship with money. Go through the day and notice how almost every moment of every day is intimately connected with either the getting or spending of money. In her book “The Energy of Money Dr. Maria Nemeth shares “MoneyContinue reading “What Do You Believe Stands Between You And Making More Money?”

Is the Fear of Someone Stealing Your idea Keeping You Stuck

Idea stealing is a discussion I often have with independent service professionals and business owners afraid to participate in group type learning environments or entrepreneurs who feel certain that they’re in possession of the next big whatever. The independent service professional or business owner – “Why would I come to a session like the oneContinue reading “Is the Fear of Someone Stealing Your idea Keeping You Stuck”

Stop Teaching and Start Doing the Work

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the saying ‘We teach what we most need to learn’. Regardless of the service we provide – whether we are teachers, insurance executives, or massage therapists, we can often get so caught up in the “service part” to others that we forget to do our own work on ourselves.Continue reading “Stop Teaching and Start Doing the Work”