What Would Your Life Be Like if You were YOU?

The Universe sent a reminder… “there will be flowers, COLETTE, that only you can pick. Butterflies, that only you will see. Laughter and tears that only you will know. And dreams that only you can dream.”  Colette Cyrus-Burnett, Lead Magic Maker at Super Wings NY I saw this quote today posted on Facebook by myContinue reading “What Would Your Life Be Like if You were YOU?”

Whatever Exists in your Business that you DON’T LIKE is what you CHOOSE to Tolerate!

One of my clients called me one Saturday morning – FRUSTRATED! One of her employees was a ‘no show’ at the time her business place opened. This meant that the other person working that morning had no help, which would delay pre-business preparations, Lord knows, by how long. My client made several attempts to callContinue reading “Whatever Exists in your Business that you DON’T LIKE is what you CHOOSE to Tolerate!”

Something GOOD is gonna happen to you!

Growing up, we would see broadcasts from televangelist Oral Roberts. I don’t remember much of what was in that hour with Roberts except at the end of each hour he would look straight into the audience in TV land and say “and remember something GOOD is going to happen to you!” Good was emphasized almostContinue reading “Something GOOD is gonna happen to you!”

No faith in oneself looks like this…

Phillip II of Spain put in charge of the invincible Armada the Duke of Medina Sidonia a man who had not faith in himself, no faith in his ability and no faith in his men. And if you think this description is harsh – here is the letter the Duke wrote to the King, uponContinue reading “No faith in oneself looks like this…”