In this “Covid Season” – How Do You Get Potential Clients to Come to You?

This pandemic experience has been VERY depressing for many service business owners and entrepreneurs. Many businesses have had to shut down completely and some have reopened only to have their doors closed once again. Uncertainty is rampant. Most people who run their own businesses love to have control yet as we have all experienced, theseContinue reading “In this “Covid Season” – How Do You Get Potential Clients to Come to You?”

Practice Asking: “What if…?”

I used to think…w I used to think when I was much younger that I was lucky. I also remember having big, bold, audacious dreams. Then…as time passed…my dream circle shrank in size. I became afraid to let my mind expand. I cut off the blood supply to my imagination and entered a room withContinue reading “Practice Asking: “What if…?””

Do You Trust Yourself?

In his book, The Art of Significance, Dan Clark says that we should trust predictability instead of hope and faith. Hope and faith propel us to try something, he says but too many people drop to their knees to pray versus standing on their feet and doing their part in facilitating an answer to theirContinue reading “Do You Trust Yourself?”

From Happiness to Hell and Finally…MAGIC!

Entrepreneurship is in Gabrielle’s DNA. She grew up seeing a brother in photography, a dad who worked at Caroni but also did woodwork and a mom who was a schoolteacher and did ceramics. Creating came naturally to Gabby so when she received a book on Handmade Greeting cards as a gift from her mom, sheContinue reading “From Happiness to Hell and Finally…MAGIC!”

“Yes” Your Way Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Shonda Rhimes chose to say “YES!” for a year. In Minou Clark’s article on Huffington Post –  she shares From “Grey’s Anatomy” to “Scandal” and “How to Get Away with Murder,” Shonda Rhimes and her production company, Shondaland, have virtually conquered the small screen, gifting us some of Hollywood’s most fierce and fearless characters. But Rhimes will beContinue reading ““Yes” Your Way Out Of Your Comfort Zone”

You Can’t Afford to Swim in an Ocean of Sameness

If you haven’t already, you need to subscribe to Success Magazine. I get nothing for this promotion but I think that hands down it’s the best value for money. Not only do you get great content but you also get an audio CD featuring spectacular interviews with people who you may not necessarily come acrossContinue reading “You Can’t Afford to Swim in an Ocean of Sameness”

Finally Learning that I Don’t Need Permission!

“You cannot grow in isolation.” This is something I share with those I coach and that I’m learning for myself. It’s easy to stay out of sight, lie for days on end in your cocoon of choice, or if you prefer – with your head comfortably submerged in sand. You can try to run awayContinue reading “Finally Learning that I Don’t Need Permission!”

Are You Who You Appear to Be and Are You Living Your Truth?

“A woman discovers at a very young age that wearing a mask appears to be a part of survival. They discover there is much of themselves, which others see as unacceptable. They tuck those secrets away.” This introduction I got from the web site titled *The Power to Change*. On the same site, in anContinue reading “Are You Who You Appear to Be and Are You Living Your Truth?”

Why Do We Give Up So Easily?

In a word – DISCOMFORT. We don’t like it. We prefer COMFORT. Anytime we start feeling UNCOMFORTABLE we quit-stop-throw in the towel – you get the picture. Ideas make us interesting. Decisions make us bold. But only action makes us great! – Jeff Shore I love talking and sharing ideas. It makes me feel asContinue reading “Why Do We Give Up So Easily?”