Wine and Meat vs. Rum and Roti

A Chinese aphorism states: “The wise individual’s friendship is as light as water. The small minded person’s relationship is as sticky and sweet as honey.” A couple years ago I decided to end a friendship. I found the relationship to be very draining – the person to be sometimes reproachful. I remember another friend voicingContinue reading “Wine and Meat vs. Rum and Roti”

I am rich and didn’t know it!

I did not win the Lotto and my rich uncle did not die and leave me all his money. I’ve been really blessed with great friends. Each friend has a story to tell about how we met and many would claim that “they know me long time” (said with a trini accent of course! :))Continue reading “I am rich and didn’t know it!”

Surround Yourself with People who GIVE energy not DRAIN!

Read a great post yesterday by Sonia Simone , Senior Editor of Copyblogger, CMO of Copyblogger Media, and founder of Remarkable Communication. My takeaway was simply “My problem is never a time management problem – it’s an energy management one.”s I am an intuitive empath. I am attuned to people’s feelings positive and negative, andContinue reading “Surround Yourself with People who GIVE energy not DRAIN!”