Putting words to what you do

I was reading a report this week by Rachel Allen, owner of Bolt from the Blue Copywriting and I’m so happy that I took the time to read it in its entirety. Rachel shared some truly significant golden nuggets but the two things that impacted me the most sums up the work I do asContinue reading “Putting words to what you do”

How Does “Head Trash” Impact Your Personal and Business Performance?

We have access today to more “how to” information than ever before: how to fire employees effectively, how to make yourself a more effective leader, how to coach employees toward success, how to be a better salesperson and how to become happier and generally more dynamic. In most cases the author has found a methodologyContinue reading “How Does “Head Trash” Impact Your Personal and Business Performance?”

Just when you thought you knew everything about setting goals…

Whenever the topic of goal setting comes around, you can see eyes rolling and imagine that folks are saying in their heads “Oh no! Not goals AGAIN!” By now we’ve all been deep fried and battered in S.M.A.R.T goal setting. But then just when you think you know it all – in comes Pj McClureContinue reading “Just when you thought you knew everything about setting goals…”

Looking for 7 Courageous People

…to join me in taking a thirty day challenge – to change a habit that you’ve been trying to change for a long time. The kind of habit that you’ve used this sentence with ———> “Starting from tomorrow, I am no longer going to do X, or I’m going to stop Y” Yes, that thingContinue reading “Looking for 7 Courageous People”