Start Where You Are, But By All Means…START!

We regard hell as a spiritual realm of evil and suffering but I am convinced that we create our own “hell” on a daily basis, when we refuse to start things and when we leave the things we start – unfinished. ‘Not finishing’ is perhaps going to be another column but for today I’m focusedContinue reading “Start Where You Are, But By All Means…START!”

The Painful Reality of the Shortcut

Posted this quote by Mark Twain on my Facebook page yesterday The secret of getting ahead is getting started I even decided to use it as my header on this site. It’s an exceedingly simple truth yet we spend most of our time ignoring “the start” – searching for THE SHORTCUT. Before we begin weContinue reading “The Painful Reality of the Shortcut”

Three to get ready…

Have you ever truly listened to yourself? I mean like REALLY listen. We are good aren’t we? The way we rationalize – tell ourselves stories as to why we can or cannot do stuff. I’ll go to the doctor when I lose some weight. I’m too embarrassed to go before that I’ll start the businessContinue reading “Three to get ready…”