Are you after a series of practical results or a list of unrealized dreams?

Setting goals generates excitement. But goals can also generate a lot of anxiety. Although most goal setting programs teach that you should put an end date on your goal – that is when you think you will achieve that goal – we really have no control of this outcome. The date is there to motivateContinue reading “Are you after a series of practical results or a list of unrealized dreams?”

Do you feel more comfortable having a Plan B when setting business or financial goals?

“When you’re living your Plan B, success is someone else’s success. You’re living inherently based on someone else’s expectation of you.” @payalkadakia  It seems like a good idea to have options, but many times on the entrepreneurial journey, energy is limited. If you try to do too many things at the same time, you willContinue reading “Do you feel more comfortable having a Plan B when setting business or financial goals?”

When exactly will you feel successful?

I, like many others, have been watching the Olympic games and with that, the advertisements that support me being able to view the games from the comfort of my home. There are advertisements for new cars, investment propositions and guidance on how to transact business online with ease. This got me thinking about goals. ThereContinue reading “When exactly will you feel successful?”

What Do You Do When Life Throws You a Curve Ball?

This post is really one about how you deal with uncertainty in your life and business. Life is exceedingly uncertain but for our own sanity, I think we fool ourselves into thinking that we have control over what happens in our lives. When we plan we are optimistic that the plan will unfold without a hitchContinue reading “What Do You Do When Life Throws You a Curve Ball?”

It’s Time to Start Achieving those Goals You’ve Set

You’ve been asked this question before: “What are your goals?” You rattle them off as you would a well-rehearsed poem back when you were in primary school. “Let’s see…I want to renovate my home, I want a little more freedom, I would love to travel and see new places, I definitely want a new carContinue reading “It’s Time to Start Achieving those Goals You’ve Set”

Need some inspiration?

I was reminded today by Timothy Ferris about the importance of setting goals and the reality of the world we live in today. To say that I was encouraged would be an understatement! Hope his words have the same effect on you as they did me. It’s lonely at the top. 99% of the worldContinue reading “Need some inspiration?”

Why Aren’t You Achieving Your Goals?

As published in my weekly column in today’s Business Newsday Nowadays a discussion around goal setting is usually accompanied by the acronym SMART. In order for you to achieve any goals they must be SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. Specifics help us to focus our efforts and clearly define what we are goingContinue reading “Why Aren’t You Achieving Your Goals?”

Beware of ‘Word’ Narcotics

For many years I have been trying to find reasons why someone with obvious potential for greatness wastes their life and someone who, by society’s standards, was least likely to succeed, creates monumental success for themselves. Having said that, potential is a word that I disliked. Only because I’d heard it so much in myContinue reading “Beware of ‘Word’ Narcotics”

What Advice Would You Give Yourself at this Time in Your Life?

I’ve been thinking about my life – its significance – am I doing what I should be doing? For the first time it feels right. I’ve done things that I COULD do but didn’t necessarily enjoy doing. I’ve been paid for many  projects but was not fulfilled by the work. Now I get to chooseContinue reading “What Advice Would You Give Yourself at this Time in Your Life?”

The P word that’s packed with power!

ERSISTENCE! Without it – not much happens. Chances are, the first time you attempt something, you’re not going to be successful. Without persistence you’ll just throw in the towel, roll over and expire. Persistence is the ‘fall down seven times, get up eight’ principle. It’s dipping down inside of you for that energy to doContinue reading “The P word that’s packed with power!”