Are You Still On That Sh*t?

I’m following 50 Cent’s Strength Coach Jay Cardiello on Instagram. He has some really interesting quotes that he shares…some funny….some thought-provoking. Today he posted: When you focus on you, you grow. When you focus on shit, shit grows. Read that again. I know I am guilty of sometimes not just focusing but obsessing about shit…youContinue reading “Are You Still On That Sh*t?”

Do you play life to win?

The late Dr. Stephen Covey tells us that most people have been deeply scripted in the Win/Lose mentality since birth. He said “First and most important of the powerful forces at work is the family. When one child is compared with another – when patience, understanding or love is given or withdrawn on the basisContinue reading “Do you play life to win?”

The Importance of Cutting Yourself Some Slack…

I like to think of myself as a machine that works well most of the time. I think in the context of mechanics only when I think of how efficient I can be and how unproductive I am being and wasting so much time. Yet there’s a still small voice telling me that sometimes IContinue reading “The Importance of Cutting Yourself Some Slack…”