Are you speaking with your heart?

Challenging times often find us resorting to prayer. We beg and beseech because we are at our wits end and need change. We often think that those amongst us not praying, have no faith yet a quote by Marianne Williamson comes to mind: There is no such thing as a faithless person; we either haveContinue reading “Are you speaking with your heart?”

Never Settle For Less Than You’re Worth

This article was also published in the Trinidad Express Woman’s Magazine 19.01.2014 Ever wonder if you’re under-earning? Barbara Stanny, author of Secrets of Six Figure Women, who writes, teaches and coaches with one aim in mind: to empower women financially shares that all under-earners have one common trait: A high tolerance for low pay. “ButContinue reading “Never Settle For Less Than You’re Worth”

Contrast can be a POWERFUL reminder

Was chatting with someone today who survived two surgeries and breast cancer. She was telling me that during her first surgery, she remembered how painful it was to move just to answer the phone. Although that particular operation was on her stomach – she felt the FULL sense of EVERYTHING being connected – as ifContinue reading “Contrast can be a POWERFUL reminder”